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So, I think I forgot how everything works..... How do I do groups again?
Field Disruption Modulator
Fractal Thingy 644

I do do often forget the fun of white backgrounds with fractals.

The black and red colour bring metal and rust to mind so I'm thinking about iron fillings and the patterns they make in magnetic fields (which look nothing like this, but that's not the point).
Nuen Kuglen
Fractal Thingy 643

These Julianscope/Julia combos always make nice odd shapes. I see a dragon on the top, and a whole set of little fire people shapes all over.

Title is German for Nine Spheres (google translate, so I have no idea if it translated right). This is based of of Dante's Inferno and the description of the 9 rings of hell.
Eyes of the Pentagonist
Fractal thingy 642

Did I ever say I was obsessed with hexagons? Wrong! I'm obsessed with pentagons!!!

Ok, that a lie, I love them both tons.
Zygos Kor - Accumulation
Fractal thingy 641

in case anyone forgot, I am a grown man who still likes Pokemon (not cool in my country, lol). But they greens and hexagonal polygon shapes reminded my if Zygarde.

Regardless it is still has a certain similarity to plant cells. 

It it was fun making the swirly cloud effect. I think I'm getting a good idea when to use the blur variation.
Yup 34 months without a journal entry or a new submission.

So I guess I've been here, mostly lurking. I don't plan on being too active, but I did start playing around in Apo again, so I might as well upload those periodically.

If anyone is slightly interested about my last 3 years.... It has mostly been boring stuff. Still working at the same job, still a long drive there. I guess in that time I was promoted, so now I get to manage people.

I had a nice little medical adventure around this time last year. I got viral encephalitis ( brain infection). It's interesting, after having a headache non-stop for about 3 or 4 weeks I went into hospital, spent a week there, got flown to Miami and spent a week there. Got to discover the joys of spinal taps and a 4 hour MRI. So yeah, an adventure :)

Theoretically it was something that could of had lasting effects (or death), but I'm fine.

We got a new puppy around July 2014. Another Irish Setter, and we named her Coco. She's crazy, eats twice as much as our previous one did, and never runs out of energy. Maybe I'll find a picture of her to upload....

Going back to here... I have around 20-30ish to upload slowly. I think I'm a few years overdue for a flamepack, so I could do one of those. I think I have a tutorial plan, but who knows when I'll find time to actually make it.

i think my page has been a bit more active than I expected while I was away. Lots of favs, a few new watches, a few comments (sorry for not responding, this social media thing still doesn't agree well with me). I look forward to I guess a little less lurking and a bit more.... not lurking?
  • Watching: Everything Burn, lol
  • Playing: Pokémon :p

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