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A Festival of Lights by JP-Talma A Festival of Lights by JP-Talma
Fractal thingy 616

Non-creative naming today....and more spirals.... Kinda hard to break away from them, lol.

Well today is Divali (Diwali), which is the Hindu festival of lights. As I've mentioned before (on other deviations) Trinidad is a country with significant Christian, Hindu and Muslim populations. As a result major holidays from the different religions are observed my the government and many different communities.

I've seen many years with Divali but this was my first being employed, so I was interested to see how or even if the company would acknowledge the holiday. So the day before Divali the office had a lunch for the staff. We drove down to the sister office for lunch time. It was all vegetarian, which is normal since Hindus may stop eating meat and alcohol for the weeks leading up to the day. I love Indian food! I don't need the meat at all! And as with local tradition (I say local since I don't know what happens elsewhere) we ate with our hands off of a large banana leaf...which just makes it more fun.

But what really made it special was the fact that in that office there were many of us of different faiths and races and everyone was welcome to enjoy it. There was no stubborn "I'm not Hindu, so I won't celebrate" type things. It is a direct contrast to how people act with Christmas in some places. I hate how now people want to rename the Christmas season e holiday season. Apparently there is some logic about making non-Christians feel bad about not being included....wouldn't it make more sense to tackle that issue by everyone just celebrating everyone else's traditions? rather than pretending no one has a religion? Either way, I'm starting to rant...... But I just love all the religious inclusion here at home.

Now to make the image relevant..... During Divali many people will light small oil lamps in clay pots. And these are lit by the hundreds. In some public places bamboo will be cut in half and bent into formations. The natural segments inside the bamboo act as mini shelves and allow elaborate arrangements of these lamps to be made. Also in recent years the lighting of the lamps is spreading to many non-Hindu families too, so there are even more light now :D
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or a festival caramel candies dipped in silky chocolate
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A amazing beauty
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