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April 20, 2011
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Enzimic Quadrulation by JP-Talma Enzimic Quadrulation by JP-Talma
Fractal thingy 401

401? Isn't that a retirement related thing? Either way not importand becasue I hate numbers that look like prime numbers.

Its kinda like a palm tree to me, but the little white lines made me remember microrganisms. Not that I really know exactly what an enzyme is..... I just like the word...

This is part of my 'new' technique I'm experimenting with. I quite like it since it destroys my least favorite part of using julians, julia, ect.... I get rid of the gapping hole in the center of the fractal. And I do this by using the julian and julia in the same transform. I never beleived something like that would work, but it now lets me turn normal spirals or really anything into epic peices (This is my first so it is not my best).

Exams are throwing my time away... I'm not behind on uploading 26 fractals :( This one was finished on the 8th of March... yup... I'm just completly backlogged right now.
jagged-1 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ah i dont want to call it a texture but something on a larger scale than that with this just feels really good, i love it
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